Wikipedia can wait

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In this refreshing alternative to the Wikiplace, I challenge you not to laugh at the photo captions (with or without laundry baskets, and/or sharpie pens). Author Robin Elizabeth’s Write or Wrong blog (Uninspiration for the uninspired) is as entertaining as it is genre-defying.  She assures me that the Promising Azra self-scribble (inspired by the book’s cover) that her three-year-old son undertook, has now all but faded away.

Helen ThurloeWikipedia can wait
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August appearances

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I’m looking forward to being Guest Speaker for the August Literary Luncheon of the Society of Women Writers NSW, at the State Library of NSW. In Too close to home; or not close enough, I’ll be discussing the research behind the writing of Promising Azra.  You don’t need to be a member of the Society of Women Writers to come along – you can find details about booking here.


Helen ThurloeAugust appearances
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Around the bookshops

It seems that the first couple of months after a book is launched means there’s plenty of scribbling inside the covers of books. I feel like a vandal, but I suppose I will get used to it.

Helen ThurloeAround the bookshops
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Azra in New Zealand

That got your attention, didn’t it? No, this is not the title of the sequel. I’m not telling where she goes yet… But I am delighted that there is buzz around Azra in various bookshops in New Zealand, and I dropped in for a signing at the fabulous Women’s Bookshop in Auckland. Every shelf is purple!

Helen ThurloeAzra in New Zealand
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Launch Invitation

Promising Azra will be officially launched by Dr Eman Sharobeem, whose work with Sydney teenagers inspired the book.

The event is at Kinokuniya in Sydney on Thursday 28 July 2016, and If you’d like to come along, please RSVP to the book store. More details here.

Helen ThurloeLaunch Invitation
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